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Clare Hall Graduate Student Body

All graduate students at Clare Hall are automatically members of the Graduate Student Body (GSB). The GSB elects the GSB Committee to represent their interests throughout the College and the wider University, as well as arranging regular social and sports events.

The GSB Committee is a great way to be actively involved in College organisation, meet new  people and promote students' well-being. If you are interested in any of these roles, you can get in touch with the GSB President and Vice President of your year.

President and Vice President: 
( gsb.president@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
( gsb.vicepresident@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The President and Vice President of the GSB usually elected toward the end of the Easter Term lead a committee of students to represent the needs of Clare Hall students to the College and the University.

( gsb.treasurer@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Treasurer maintains the integrity of the GSB economy and ensures financial security by managing finances and resources effectively. As the key account holder for the GSB, the Treasurer is responsible for advising the President , Vice President and the rest of the GSB Committee on financial issues as well as managing the disbursement of payments to various activities. 

( gsb.secretary@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The GSB Secretary role is mainly administrative, and involves planning GSB Committee meetings, taking minutes and circulating them to the rest of the GSB Committee.

Social Committee
( gsb.social.committee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Social Secretaries organise social events and parties within the College, and run the student bar in the ALB. The Social Chair, nominated by the Social Secretaries, sits on the college Social Committee. He or she is also responsible for compiling and sending out regular email bulletins to the student body.

Music Officer
( gsb.music.committee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Music Officer sits on the College Music Committee, which organises a number of social and musical events throughout the year. He or she works closely with the Social Chair. The Music Officer is also responsible for organising the Clare Hall Open Mic Nights.

Sports Officer
( gsb.sports.committee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Sports Officer organises the college sports teams and arranges collegiate sporting socials. He or she is also responsible for the upkeep of the College sports equipment, including football, cricket, softball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, squash, croquet equipment etc.

Green Officer
( gsb.sustainability.committee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Green Officer is responsible for making the College a more environmentally friendly place, organising recycling and green initiatives in the College.

External Relations Committee
( gsb.external.relations.committee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The External Officers interacts with other colleges and organisations and arranges formal swaps. They may also be called upon to represent Clare Hall at CUSU and GU meetings.

Fellow-Student Interaction Officer
( gsb.fsi@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Fellow-Student Interaction (FSI) Officer is responsible for the running of the FSI programme of social and academic events, which are aimed to bring together Fellows and students.

Welfare Officer
( gsb.welfare.commitee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Welfare Officer can offer impartial and discreet advice and help on all issues of College life that you might feel uncomfortable discussing in a more open forum. The role also covers women's and LGBTQI-related issues.

Arts Officer
( gsb.arts.committee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Arts Officer sets up initiatives to promote art within the College and sits on the College Arts Committee.

Community Outreach Officer
( gsb.community.outreach.charity@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Community Outreach Officer raises money for local, national and international charities, and arranges community service projects in the local area.

Web Officer
( gsb.web.committee@clarehall.cam.ac.uk)
The Web Officer runs the GSB website and sits on the college Web Committee.

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