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The Graduate Student Body (GSB) includes all students who are members of Clare Hall. You are automatically a member of the GSB from the moment you register – you don’t have to join and it is free to be a member! The GSB has an executive committee that are voted in by the students to represent them on issues of concern. Anyone can be part of the GSB exec, and elections for most of the positions take place in the first few weeks of Michaelmas term. Positions on the GSB Exec are listed below. Typically, the GSB Exec deals with all aspects of college life, from issues with accommodation, rents negotiations and updating college policy documents, to sporting events, social events and student welfare.

The GSB Exec is here to represent you and will negotiate and fight for your rights as students in Clare Hall and the University in general. We have strong links to the Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) and the Graduate Union (GU), which can give advice and support on all aspects of college life. If you have any problems, however small, your first port of call should be a member of the GSB Exec.

The president is the chairperson of the GSB Exec. He/she attends college meetings in order to make sure that students get their voice heard in college decision-making. The president is voted in towards the end of Easter term, and they shadow the outgoing president over the summer. The president takes over officially in Michaelmas term.

The vice-president acts in a supporting role to the president. The VP will also attend college meetings, and helps the president with all aspects of the GSB.

The secretary’s role is mainly administrative, taking minutes at GSB meetings and making sure they are circulated to the GSB Exec. The secretary also supports the vice-president and president and can sometimes attend meetings in their place.

The treasurer looks after the GSB’s accounts, and draws up a budget for the GSB committee each year

External officer
The external officer attends GU and CUSU meetings on the behalf of the GSB Exec and reports back to the committee on important issues affecting college life.

Social secretaries
Most years there are several social secretaries who organise social events within the college and run the student bar in the Anthony Lowe Building

Welfare officer and Gender officer
The welfare officer and gender officer can offer impartial and discrete advice and help on all issues of college life that you might feel uncomfortable discussing in a more open forum. They help with everything from personal issues to academic affairs. The gender officer’s role encompasses that of a women’s officer and sometimes a lesbigay officer, although in some years this is a separate role.

Green officers
The green officers are responsible for making the college a more environmentally friendly place. They organise recycling and other green initiatives within the college.

Community outreach officers
The community outreach officers raise money for local, national and international charities, as well as organizes community service and outreach projects in the local area.

FSI officer
The FSI officer is responsible for the running of the fellow-student interaction programme, a programme of social and academic events aimed to bring the fellows and students of the college together.

Sports officer
The sports officer organises the college sports teams, and is responsible for the upkeep of the college sports equipment, including football, cricket, softball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, squash, croquet equipment and much much more..!

Web officer
The web officer sits on the college web committee and organises and runs the GSB website

Arts officer
The arts officer sits on the college arts committee, and sets up initiatives to promote art within the college

Music officer
The music officer sits on the college music committee, which organise a number of social and musical events throughout the year.

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